Trust Deed Investing

Making the right choices now will help you remain comfortable with your investment in the future.

There are multiple ways which you can invest in trust deeds. Sterling Pacific Financial offers two investment programs; a Fractional Note and Deed Program (for investment in specific loans secured by a specific property) and a Mortgage Pool Program (to spread your investment across a variety of loans).

The program you choose will depend on your diversification strategy, liquidity needs, and whether you want to reinvest earnings or take distributions. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your goals with you at any time.

Technical Documents

Download our technical documents to learn more about trust deed investing with Sterling and how it can provide diversification and income to protect and grow your portfolio.

Considering investing in trust deeds with Sterling Pacific Financial? Our technical documents provide an introduction to trust deed investing in general and specifically with Sterling.

Choose the version that is best suited for you, based on your familiarity with alternative investments, private mortgage lending and/or trust deed investments:

Brand new to alternative investing and/or trust deed investing?

Download this introduction that begins with the basics of private real estate lending, how it can help a wide range of individual and organizational investors meet their goals, and the advantages of choosing Sterling Pacific Financial over other trust deed investment partners.


Familiar with alternative investments such as private equities, or with private lending?

Download this introduction to trust deed investing with Sterling that's tailored to investors with experience beyond the public stock and bond markets.


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